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Ninah Sahar

AmCab Teacher, Performer and Troupe Director

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Ninah Sahar was the featured performer on Atea's Magical Motion video in the late 1990s. She was, honestly, the only dancer on the video whose performance stirred me, and I never forgot her. Unfortunately, information about her is very hard to come by. In 2018, a member of her Her Blue Lotus dance group emailed me to tell me that the group was still active.

Here are some excerpts from Ninah's bio on the 2008 Celebrity Judges page of the Belly Dancer of the Universe contest.

Ninah is the director of the highly acclaimed Blue Lotus Dance Company, recipient of Sarneda Lifetime Achievement Award, first Oriental Dancer to be accepted to perform in the prestigious Nations International Dance Festival. Co-producer of the Marrakesh Festival, recipient of 1999 Sameda Teacher of the year award, Producer and featured performer of "Magical Motion" Instructional video by Atea. Ninah's ongoing research and study have gained her a nearly encyclopedic of knowledge of Oriental and Regional Folkloric Dances of North Africa and the Near and Middle East...
As the Director and Choreographer of Blue Lotus Dance Company, Ninah produces shows that are culturally informative, beautiful and fun for western audiences and very appreciated by ethnic audiences. The Company repertoire includes regional dances from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, as well as Fusion and Live numbers for a little extra fun... Contact Ninah at 619 561 5675.
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