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Bollywood, Bharatanatyam and Indian dance for Louisville, Kentucky, and Indiana

The distinctive influence in the Bollywood presented by Ruric-Amari is exquisite classical Indian dance with its crisp, clear control over limbs and face and its beautifully eloquent arms and hands. The most memorable dance numbers on the Bollywood screen are the ones that incorporate the eloquent hand gestures and quick feet and turns of Indian classical dance: Aishwarya Rai famously exemplifies this ideal of physical beauty and dance skill.

The best dance entertainment and instruction! Ruric-Amari (and her dance company, Samovar) brings the finest dance to your large or small event. Hundreds of performances in dozens of venues have earned her a reputation as an extraordinary dance artist and entertainer.

Planning a concert or educational event? Ruric-Amari provides stellar performances, dance concerts and workshops with the quality and experience that make your event planning worry-free. Ruric can also create a new choreography for YOUR performing or dramatic group and provide group or private lessons for your performers.


Ruric-Amari Bollywood in Concert 2012
photo credit: D Bruneau

Group classes, online and private lessons at Ruric-Amari Dance Studio

Ruric-Amari is a classically trained Bharata Natyam dancer and yoga teacher as well as an accomplished Middle Eastern dancer. Ruric has studied Bharatanatyam with Akila (Louisville) and with Dr. Vasundara Doraswamy for several years. She also holds a 300-hour Yoga teacher certification, a Pilates level One mat certification, and attended the Louisville Massage School for several semesters. or call: 502 777-7317.
Author: Maura Enright
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